Ryan Koekemoer

Technical Manager
Back End Administration, Level 4 Technical, Technical Standards Management & Implementation
15 Years
Personal Experience

Serving a commanding 15 years in the Information Technology field, Ryan has conquered all that has come before him in impressive fashion. With humble beginnings as a field technician he has always outpaced his fellow colleagues and shown he is extraordinary. In a quiet, unassuming manner he delivers unexpected results, whether in task oriented practical application or in attempts to classify him in any traditional sense. Ryan quite literally challenges any sense of status quo, bewilders models that easily explain 99.99% of the population, and goes by his very own unique brand of life.

Providing more technical muscle than Mike Tyson in a temper, Ryan stands tall as the pinnacle of sheer technical genius in Shadownet. His skill in resolving the most complex technical challenges remains unrivaled and has propelled his career in Shadownet quickly earning him successive promotions. Ryan was noticeably different upon joining Shadownet by “breaking” Shadownet’s recruiting model and producing a no result outcome during a highly respected predictive modelling examination which all prospective staff are subjected to. It is no surprise though, considering his membership in MENSA – he simply thinks differently.

As if any further indication were required to predict a bright future, Ryan was awarded multiple full colours accolades in high school in both the sporting and service categories. His formative years exposed a zealous quest for understanding the world around him. Consequently in his early teen years he dismantled his family computer which took him longer to put back together in a working state, but certainly set him on a path toward success. Applying his technical skill set in forays across varied sectors including retail, recruitment, and finance, he settled in his newfound home at Shadownet – satisfying his desire in a pure tech company. Ryan’s career has flourished and boasts thorough understanding in most branches of IT, with a string of advanced certifications most never achieve in a lifetime (including but not limited to Fortinet NSE Levels 1-7, 3CX Advanced Certified Engineer, CSA, CEH).

He has managed highly successful infrastructure projects for “billion Rand” clients, without a second of downtime recorded – much to their astonishment and delight.

A favourite travel destination of his remains Miami, where he has been known to investigate trends and cutting edge technology to bring back to South Africa and bolster his department within Shadownet. His ambitions include growing Shadownet locally and internationally through highly innovative solutions and high quality outcomes.

Professional Skills
Technical Proficiency
Project Management
Product Development
System Administration
  • Technical Portfolio Development
  • Maintaining Integrity of all Platforms & Infrastructure
  • Managing All Projects & Supervising Change Management
  • Champion the vCIO (Virtual CIO) Program