Eric Dorey

Service Manager
Service & Process Management, Team Leadership
17 Years
Personal Experience

An integral part of the engine room at Shadownet, Eric brings 17 years of experience in the ITSP sector to the team. An ardent advocate for seeing the bright side of any situation, Eric has found himself particularly suited toward the services industry and has made his mark in the finance, recruitment, and health sectors. With a solid grounding in both the field-engineer and back-end support engineer roles, Eric’s fervour for serving people was not satisfied merely by resolving technical issues. His appetite to make a far more meaningful impact to the people and businesses he interacted with would only be satiated by expanding his vision. Thus, his compulsion to radically transform how he delivered value and fostered real connections saw him completing his psychology degree in 2015. He believes that understanding the true nature of people is key to delivering superior service and holistic support. Eric has brought his refreshing philosophy to a technically oriented business which states that in order to be the best IT Service Provider, Shadownet must first understand the person, then understand the technology, ultimately marrying the two together. For this reason, he has made a profound difference to the human element of the business and has become an irreplaceable asset to the team.

He says: “My biggest draw card is that I view any opportunity to engage with clients as a chance not only to deliver a service, but also to become an integral part of something far more significant. We are not merely a service provider, we are a value enabler.”

“Shadownet has afforded me a platform to deliver on its promise of becoming an invaluable component of success in its clients’ businesses. Although my career path has eventually led me to the IT arena which is focussed on machines, my reason for being where I am today is entirely driven by my desire to work with people.”

Professional Skills
Rapport & Relationship Development
Process Design & Improvement
Technical Acumen
Client Service Delivery
  • Client Service & Support Delivery
  • Developing & Maintaining Service Standards
  • Drive Processes & Efficiencies
  • Mentor & Advance Support Engineers