Connect to the Future

Modernising Telecoms, Freeing Minds, Bringing People Together


Traditional analogue communication infrastructure is dead in the wake of VoIP. Voice over IP telephony provides vastly more benefits over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) of yesteryear. Shadownet has been a pioneer in the VoIP scene in South Africa, first implementing IP telephony systems in 2008 for clients.

Massive cost savings aside, the feature rich functionality of VoIP telephony truly empowers our clients to work from anywhere in the world, collaborate as if they were in the old school traditional office, and further leverage newfound ways of carrying out business, such as video conferencing.


The Top
Advantages of a VoIP Phone System

Cost Saving

Up Front & Ongoing


On Premise Or In The Cloud


Easy Installation & Management


Easy To Scale Making Room For Company Growth


Failover, Fault Tolerance, & Security


Unified Communications to Boost Productivity

Remote Working

Remove Boundaries, Work Literally Anywhere


Cross Platform Communication, Multiplying Benefits

Call Center

Call Center & Hospitality Features

It is incredibly simple to switch to a VoIP phone system and start saving.

Furthermore, if you have never had a phone system we will be able to set you up in the cloud in no time whatsoever.

Join the revolution today and enjoy the benefits immediately.