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The heart of your business – the server. How well have you planned the engine room of your operation? We have a flawless reputation that we’ve built our brand on for over 20 years, servicing the needs of small to medium sized businesses throughout.

Shadownet will spend the time necessary to understand your operation, study your requirements, and provision server architecture built to articulate your business vision. This is planned and achieved whilst taking budgetary requirements into account, offering you a flexible pathway to success.


We ensure that common issues such as poor application performance, downtime, random errors, and insufficient resources are avoided.

Physical servers are best deployed in server rooms which have been designed to exacting standards to support their function, keep them safe, and allow them to operate efficiently. Shadownet’s brand has been built on designing and fitting out clients’ server rooms for over 20 years. We have the knowledge, passion, and commitment to provide you with a lasting investment in your business to propel it to new heights.

Our Approach & Philosophy

Design Principles Inherent In All Our Server Infrastructure



Availability & Redundancy


Monthly Running Costs

Industry Standards

Building Server Infrastructure To Last

Our server engineers build highly reliable solutions for clients that offer
maximum return on investment. Whether it be new server
infrastructure, upgrades, or server support that you need we’ve got the answer.