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IT security – the topic that is on everybody’s lips. But what does it mean? Where do you begin? Do you know how to secure your precious data and systems?

Shadownet has a fanatical focus on securing IT infrastructure from all possible angles of attack, and have attained vendor certification by well respected security giants such as Fortinet, Webroot, Microsoft, Cisco, Cybershark, and RocketCyber.

Securing your network in layers is key to successfully protecting yourself from data theft, data loss, network breaches, corruption, extortion (such as ransomware), identity theft, hacking, hijacking, and many other forms of cyber crime. In order to achieve this it is necessary to have a deep understanding of networking infrastructure, and the experience to plan and implement a successful IT security strategy.

Shadownet’s experience in securing clients’ computing infrastructure in its entirety has gained respect across the board. With our Unified Threat Management capable firewall solutions, endpoint security, DNS filtering, security event analysers, breach detection, advanced mail threat protection, mobile device management, enterprise class wireless security, and proactive threat management of client infrastructure through our SOC (Security Operations Centre) we have every corner covered. We provide cost effective solutions for small to medium enterprises with a supremely effective multi-layered approach to security.

We will guide you through the often complex maze of security, and ensure your systems are never compromised. Here are the non-negotiable layers of defense you need to ensure your safety in a connected world (weighted by importance).

Critical Layers of Defense

  • Antimalware
  • Hardware Firewall
  • DNS Protection
  • Email Threat Protection
  • Security Event & Breach Monitoring
  • Security Awareness Training

Don't Wish You Had Taken Precautions

Hope is not a strategy. If you are connected to the internet, you are at
risk from many angles of attack. Don’ take half measures, get us
involved, and get protected.