Laying The Foundation Right
Partner With Architects of Solutions That Deliver

Whether your core IT platforms reside in the cloud or not, a robust network design is required to successfully leverage any IT infrastructure regardless of its location. The cornerstone of a successful and reliable IT strategy lies in laying the foundations right – and that means your physical networking environment needs to be up to scratch. We assess your business requirements in a holistic fashion to ensure that your network is built with redundancy and reliability in mind, while maintaining high speed, low latency connections. Shadownet is uncompromising, fanatical in fact, about designing network architecture that will unquestionably serve you no matter what.

Our clients, ranging from small 15 user businesses to multi billion Rand powerhouses, have built their brands and reputations on the base of our rock solid infrastructure. Isn’t it time you trusted us with yours?

For more than 20 years, Shadownet has prided itself in the design, installation, setup and maintenance of networking architecture and infrastructure in the following areas

LAN Backbone

Ethernet, Fibre, Wireless Links

Point to Point

Layer 2 WAN links, Microwave

VPN Solutions


SDWAN Solutions

Hardware & Software

Server Room Design

Reticulation & Fitout

Switching & Routing

Gateway, Core, Distribution

Linking You To Your Success

Our physical cabling and infrastructure services blend perfectly with our logical
network designs. We will build you the ultimate platform for a successful business.