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How quickly do you respond?

Customers can reach our Help Desk 24x7x365. Response times to specific issues depend on the severity of the issue the client is facing. Our goal is to meet your needs by maximising uptime and addressing issues as soon as they occur.

Help! My data has been corrupted! Shadownet to the rescue...?

We often have inquiries regarding lost or corrupted data with hopeful prospective clients seeking assistance in retrieving their data. The sad fact is that without having put the necessary precautions in place to begin with, retrieving lost, corrupted, or encrypted data is very very difficult. This is why it is imperative to have rock solid systems in place to prevent disaster before a disastrous event takes place, and is one of the areas of expertise Shadownet has excelled in for two decades.

Are your prices inclusive of VAT?

The pricing displayed on the website does not include VAT.

What happens when I need help?

Shadownet is an MSP (Managed Services Provider), which means that we are geared toward providing a fixed deliverable service. E.G. if you are on contract with us to provide IT support, we will have access set up on your systems to provide you with immediate assistance to queries logged with us. If you are a new client we will ensure we have the correct tools and access to your systems set up in no time at all.

What are your business hours?

Our helpdesk runs Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00, with emergency support provided outside business hours. We plan our projects that may be disruptive to clients to take place outside business hours.

I have a free antivirus package. Is it any good?

The adage “you get what you pay for” is most apt in this case. Free antivirus packages are designed to get a foot in the door so the antivirus company can try to sell services to you. You would never want to go without security protection on your computer, however trusting your security to free software is not a great strategy, for example free antivirus has lower detection rates than a solid antivirus package. Shadownet offers managed antivirus and antimalware services – get in touch and we will gladly provide more information.

What are "Managed IT Services"?

Managed IT Services means we deliver fixed deliverable outcomes to your business. Essentially we take care of your entire Information Technology stack, at a fixed monthly cost, in a proactive fashion. This means that Shadownet acts as your go-to IT department, consultancy, and support team, providing proactive scheduled maintenance, intelligence and reporting. to keep your business IT running in peak condition.

What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup is a service which ensures your onsite data is transferred to an offsite backup server. This means that should disaster strike (e.g. fire, theft, ransomware, etc), you are able to easily and conveniently restore your data to a previous state and keep your business running with little to no downtime.

What kind of response time can I expect?

We strive to provide exceptional client experiences under all circumstances. For contract clients specifically, we establish specific expectations. Our measurable service levels specify clear consequences for not living up to expectations.

What is the term of a Managed Services contract?

Typically contracts run for at least 12 months, but can vary depending on requirements and circumstances. Shadownet can customise support plans based on individual requirements.

What kind of support does Shadownet offer? Am I the right fit?

We service small to medium private and public businesses with a specific focus on ensuring high quality outcomes and great user experience, thereby providing value to the business. We are not geared to provide support to home users or micro businesses, but may be able to help you find a suitable support company if you are in a bind!

What industries do you service?

Shadownet Computing provides Managed Services to a wide variety of industries including Manufacturing, Food Processing, Hospitality, FMCG, Commodities, Retail, Advertising, Professional Services (Legal, Medical, Engineering, Marketing, Architecture, Finance) companies, and more.

What areas do you operate in?

Shadownet has presence in the main metros of South Africa. We can serve and support customers countrywide, no matter where they are.

If I do not have a contract will you help me?

Absolutely! Shadownet will not turn you away if you do not have a contract. We will also be happy to chat to you about how we can provide our services in a more cost effective way than ad-hoc service and support.

Do you do software development or websites?

We have partner companies that we know and trust who do software development work for us so that we can focus on our core competencies. This means you get the best of both worlds by partnering with us – superior infrastructure and support services, with professional software and website development add on services at your disposal.

What should I do before I call for help?

When possible, write down any information about error messages and take screen shots regarding your issue. Next, attempt to recreate the issue. Most often it helps to close the program and restart the computer to reset the system, possibly resolving the problem.

What do your Managed IT services cost?

Our service model uses a fixed monthly fee, which is based on the size and complexity of your particular network. Once contracted, your Managed IT Services will cover maintenance and support for every component of your network, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to accurately forecast your IT maintenance costs.

What if we already have an internal IT department?

No problem! We compliment existing IT departments with knowledge, expertise, manpower, and powerful industry partnerships to deliver quality solutions to many clients. Specific requirements are met through our unique consultative process, ensuring your needs are met even if you have an internal IT department.

How does flat rate billing save on costs?

Flat rate, or fixed billing is much more cost effective than ad hoc billing. For example, on flat rate billing you can expect to pay less for an entire month’s worth of cover per PC on your network than for just one hour ad hoc labour for each PC on your network!

Furthermore there are added benefits to flat rate billing models such as proactive monitoring and management of your IT systems to prevent you from suffering the effects of downtime, among other inclusive benefits.

What type of systems do you support?

We pride ourselves on being “ecosystem agnostic”. Whether you use Google Apps or Office365, Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, we will support your infrastructure. Need to install a server onsite or host one virtually on Amazon or Azure? We will support you. Need to transition from one ecosystem to another? We have the expertise.

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